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San Fernando City Park
US Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District History (1990)
The site, identified as the former San Fernando City Park, was used by the Army between 1942 and 1944. The site is bounded by Park Avenue, Pacoima Wash (formerly Arroyo Avenue), First Street, and Fourth Street in the City of San Fernando, California.

On 10 April 1942, 41.30 acres were acquired from the City of San Fernando by lease. Sewer rights were subsequently obtained through two licenses and one agreement.

The site was used by the Western Defense Command for billeting, training and administration of the following elements of the 174th Infantry Regiment:

On 27 October 1944, the lease was canceled. Sewer rights were relinquished with the termination of the licenses and agreement which occurred between 1944 and 1949. Improvements made on the property were transferred in lieu of restoration. The property is currently owned by the City of San Fernando, Artesian Company Ltd., Inquiry Handling Service Inc., Robert and Linda
Nelson, and San Fernando Associates.

The property is being beneficially used as a recreational park and an industrial park. The recreational park mostly occupies the western half of the site. A small unused portion of the park borders the southeast part of the site along Pacoima Wash (formerly Arroyo Avenue) between First and Fourth Streets. The entrance to Parks ide Industrial Center is off of Fourth Street along Parkside Drive. Parks ide Drive runs in a southwesterly direction from Fourth Street towards First Street but does not meet First Street.
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