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Santee Camp
Location: The former Santee Camp (a name given to an unnamed site by Corps of Engineers Formerly Used Defense Sites program) is located on the southeast corner of the intersection between Magnolia Avenue and Woodside Avenue in the city of Santee, San Diego County, California. It is approximately a half mile west of the Woodside Avenue exit from Highway 67. Although identified as being in Santee, the 1 June 1943 edition of the Army of the United States Station List does not show any Army unit there. However the units listed below are shown as being in neighboring El Cajon which had no other recorded Army installations. This area which is now considered part of the City of Santee may have been considered part of El Cajon during World War II.

Site History: The Army acquired the use of the Santee Camp through unknown means sometime in 1941. There are no records of the camp's existence after 1943. The Army used an existing structure, built in approximately 1915, as a headquarters building (this structure was known as Greenleaf's Ice Cream Parlor, which then became the Wagon Wheel restaurant and dance hall, and is currently.known as Mulvaney's Restaurant). The Quartermaster Corps units stationed at the camp lived in tents, which were located on the north side and on the east side of the headquarters building. There may also have been tents located.to the south of the headquarters building. First-hand witnesses of the camp suggested that the site was used as a fuel depot for Army trucks. The former headquarters building still exists, and is now used as a restaurant. Except for a small field to the south of the headquarters structure, the entire site has been developed into a commercial area. Other than the restaurant building, no other military improvements remain on the property.
Army Units Assigned to Santee during World War II

 Data Source


 Army of the United States Station List  1 June 1943
Company D, 26th Quartermaster Regiment (Colored) (WDC)
583rd Ordnance Ammunition Company (Colored) (WDC)
3459th and 3460th Ordnance Automotive Maintenance Companies (WDC)
AAF = Army Air Forces | AGF = Army Ground Forces | ASF = Army Service Forces Units | WDC = Western Defense Command


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