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Sunnyvale Ordnance Depot
Historical documents indicate the site was used as a bivouac area for the 40th Chemical Laboratory Company from February 1943 until October 1943. The Government constructed buildings required for housing troops to include barracks, latrines, shower facilities and a mess hall. The personnel of the 40th Chemical Laboratory Company participated in routine military training to include physical training, drill, and classroom work. The location also housed staff and command vehicles of the II Armored Corps. As the Second World War came to an end, the property reverted back to the City of Sunnyvale. The City of Sunnyvale converted the land into a city park known as Washington Park, a senior citizens center, a school, and a residential area.
Source: Army Corps of Engineers Public FUDS GIS
A 57mm Anti-Tank Gun on display at Sunnyvale's World War II Memorial located at Washington Park. This park was previously Sunnyvale Ordnance Depot
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Known Units at Sunnyvale Ordnance Depot
40th Chemical Labratory Company
607th Tank Destoyer Battalion


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