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Task Force 2/185th Armor (Task Force CAESAR)

Press Release: Task Force CAESAR to Return Home to San Diego from Operation NOBLE EAGLE
Submitted by TF CAESAR Public Affairs, February 04, 2004
Task Force 2/185th Armor (TF 2/185) of the California Army National Guard (also known as Task Force CAESAR) will return home to San Diego in April 2004 after a yearlong mobilization in support of homeland security. Deployment began in May 2003, when the unit was mobilized to Federal active duty for Operation NOBLE EAGLE III. TF 2/185 was formed as a composite of California Army National Guard units that include soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 185th Armor Regiment, 1st Squadron, 18th Cavalry Regiment, 579th Engineer Battalion, 132nd Engineer Battalion, and the 3rd Battalion 160th Infantry Regiment. The 2nd Brigade, 40th Infantry Division was mobilized concurrently as the unit's higher headquarters serving at Fort Sam Houston Texas.
TF 2/185 initially mobilized through Fort Carson, Colorado. The unit trained at Fort Carson for two weeks in preparation for the Operation NOBLE EAGLE mission. From Colorado, TF 2/185 moved to Tooele Army Depot (Tooele, UT) to relieve the 1st Battalion, 145th Field Artillery, Utah Army National Guard as the headquarters for Operations NOBLE EAGLE and ARMORED FALCON units serving in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho. TF 2/185 also sent soldiers to provide site security at two additional Army installations in Utah: Desert Chemical Depot and Dugway Proving Ground.
Tooele Army Depot is primarily an ammunition storage site. Desert Chemical Depot stores a large percentage of the United States' stockpile of chemical munitions. The depot also supports chemical weapons demilitarization to destroy aging stockpiles of chemical weapons. Dugway Proving Ground's mission is to plan, conduct, analyze, and report the results of technical tests and studies, especially in the areas of chemical defense, biological defense, incendiary, smoke and obscurant systems, and environmental technology testing. In addition, Dugway is a major range and test facility for chemical and biological defense testing and a reliance center for the U.S. Department of Defense.
TF 2/185 soldiers are responsible for maintaining perimeter security at the sensitive installations to which they're assigned. They man entry points, occupy observation posts, and patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week in all weather. The soldiers also continue their training and military professional development while on deployment. Along with military leadership and MOS qualification schools, soldiers have completed training specific to their military specialties including:
In the little spare time they had, soldiers from TF CAESAR were also able to participate in community functions supporting various charitable activities. Some of these activities included: Fishing Day for special needs kids, Talent Show for the 4th of July celebration, fund raiser for the Moose Heart Children Orphanage, support of the Healing Field in memory of September 11, 2001 attacks, the restoration of the Women's Receiving Center, and Color Guard at the Veteran's Day parade in Tooele. Other individuals spent their extra time in Softball tournaments, hiking the countryside, skiing, or preparing for Soldier of the Year boards.
As mission requirements changed, TF 2/185 began sending soldiers home in December 2003. The first elements to demobilize were from the 1/18th Cavalry, the 132nd Enineers and some elements from the 579th Engineers. The main body is expected to return to home to San Diego mid-April 2004.
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