California Militia and National Guard Unit Histories
Turlock Home Guard
(47th Company, California Home Guard)
The following article was copied from the December 22, 1917 issue of California Home Guard News

Captain, L. FERRELL
First Lieutenant, Lou NEWFIELD
Acting Second Lieut, F. H. WILSON
Bugler, C. S. KIRKMAN

No effort necessary to keep the company filled up with 60 of the best class of men with a spirit of determination to make a good showing. Monday evening is drill night at Pentecostal Hall. Friday evenings an officers' school of instruction is held. A study of battalion movement has been taken up and Turlock is out to make the best showing against Modesto and Ceres. Captain Ferrell knows how, for he has seen service in Uncle Sam's Army; efficiency is paramount with him. It is common practice to drill on the streets and highways, build a campfire and enjoy an open-air meal of "dog" sandwiches and coffee from the canteen. Good fellowship prevails when the moon is high and the songs begin.

K. Caldwell was recently appointed from the 47th Company as Sergeant Major of the battalion which has just been made up of the San Joaquin Valley companies. They expect to hold the next drill on January 12th at Stockton, this making the fourth company of the battalion.

The 47th is fully uniformed and equipped with Springfield rifles, caliber 45. Nothing is too good for Captain Ferrell and he knows how to get it-he is for good service all the time or none.
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