California Militia and National Guard Unit Histories
Westwood Home Guard
(20th Company, California Home Guard)
The following letter was copied from the December 22, 1917 issue of California Home Guard News


    Westwood, Cal., Oct. 12, 1917.

    Governor William D. Stephens,
    Sacramento, Cal.

    Dear Sir:

    I have just received a circular letter from Adjutant General J. J. Borree, "2-11," in which he makes the following statement regarding the issue of arms and equipment to Home Guards:

    "To obtain arms and equipment for the California Home Guard or any portion thereof, the Governor of the State of California would necessarily, in compliance with special Regulations No. 37n, have to
    certify that such organization or organizations were actually rendering services for the protection of the property of the United States, or be engaged upon active duty under the direction of the Governor in the protection of supplies in the course of manufacturing, etc."

    In view of the fact that the 20th California Home Guard is located with, and in the employ of, one of the largest lumber manufacturing plants in the West and who have just recently lost over 44,000,000 feet of lumber by an incendiary fire, it seems to me that we could easily be classed as in active duty in the protection of supplies in the course of manufacture and, as such, entitled to receive arms and equipment. If we had about 30 rifles and drilled regularly with them, it may have a deterrent effect upon the incendiaries that seem to be infesting the State at this time. We here feel satisfied that extra precautions will have to be taken to protect the plant, and if it is destroyed it will be a very serious matter not only for the company and the users of shook and lumber, but to about 4,000 people who are depending upon the operation for a living. Trusting that you will see your way clear to make requisition for about 30 rifles for us, and with kindest personal regards, I remain,

    Very truly yours,

    GEO. A. PRATT,
    Captain 20th Co., Cal. Home Guards.
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