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Naval Training Station, Camp Kidd
(Naval Hospital, San Diego: Unit 6 [Hospital Corps School])
Naval Training Station, Camp Kidd (National Archives)

LOCATION: The Camp Kidd Naval Training Station was located on the Palisades area of the City of San Diego's Balboa Park, adjacent to the downtown area of San Diego, California.

On 10 December 1941, the United States Navy acquired 33 acres and existing exposition buildings in Balboa Park from the City of San Diego. No formal acquisition records were available.
According to a published article in the San Diego Union dated 2 September 1945: "The Navy asked and the City of San Diego relinquished the exposition buildings, ... ".

The Station was named in honor of Rear Admiral Issac C. Kidd who was killed on the bridge of the USS Arizona when it was sunk at Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.

The Camp Kidd Naval Training Station was used by the Navy as a Naval Hospital Corps School. The training station occupied 22 existing Balboa Park exposition buildings and 33 converted army style barracks. Camp Kidd provided medical, dental, and hygienic training and support to Navy personnel. In addition, housing facilities, a dispensary, and recreational facilities were provided. Facilities ~aintenance and ship service support activities were also conducted at Camp Kidd. The Navy is not known to have constructed any permanent facilities. Camp Kidd also served as a Reception Center for sailors until 1944, when those activities were transferred to Camp Elliott; this allowed for additional hospital expansion.[

The Camp Kidd Naval Training Station area (33 acres and associated exposition buildings) was transferred back to the City of San Diego in the latter half of 1946 according to a San Diego
Union newspaper article dated 23 May 1946. No formal transfer records were available. The property and remaining buildings are currently owned by the City of San Diego and managed by the Parks and Recreation Department as part of the present day Balboa Park. Twenty-four (24) buildings once used by the Navy currently exist in the old Palisades area of the park. They have all been used beneficially by the City of San Diego.

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Source: US Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District

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