Heraldry and Insignia of the California State Military Forces
578th Engineer Battalion
132d Armored Engineeer Battalion

Distinctive Unit Insignia

Symbolism: Red and white are the colors for the Corps of Engineers. The Lorraine cross represents honors awarded the organization for service as Engineers during World War I and the fleur-de-lis in buff for service as Quartermaster during World War II. The bar in the color of blue represents the Korean Service ribbon symbolizing service in that area. The arrowhead alludes to an assault landing in Africa.

Motto: AEDICATE AD PUGNANDUM (Build to Fight)
Approved: December 1954 for 132d Armored Engineer Battalion
Original drawing of proposed Distictive Unit Insignia. Although produced and worn by the unit, it never was officially approved by the Army. Image courtesy of the Instiitute of Heraldry, US Army
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