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California Militia and National Guard Unit Histories
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General Histories
Reports of the Adjutant General
Volunteer Companies of the California Militia (1850-1866) and the National Guard of California (1866-1881)
Introduction to the History of the California Militia and National Guard, 1859-1880
State Staff (Office of the Adjutant General), Sacramento, 1850-1940
Encampment of the 3rd Brigade, California Militia

Alameda County

Alpine County

Amador County

Butte County

Calaveras County

Contra Costa County

Del Norte County

El Dorado County

Humboldt County

Lassen County

Los Angeles County

Marin County

Mariposa County

Mono County

Monterey County

Napa County

Nevada County

Placer County

Plumas County

Sacramento County

San Bernardino County

San Diego County

San Francisco County

San Joaquin County

San Luis Obispo County

San Mateo, County

Santa Barbara County

Santa Clara County

Santa Cruz County

Sierra County

Shasta County

Siskiyou County

Solono County

Sonoma County

Sutter County

Stanislaus County

Tehama County

Tuolumne County

Trinity County

Tulare County

Yolo County

Yuba County

* Units raised during for service during the "State of Insurrection" in San Francisco, 1856


Indian Wars

The Civil War
California Volunteers 1861-1866
Records of California Men in the War of the Rebellion, 1861 to 1867 (1890)
The California Column

1st Battalion of Mountaineers, Fort Humboldt, 1863-1865

1st Battalion of Native Cavalry, Drum Barracks, Los Angeles, 1863-1866

1st Battalion of Veteran Infantry, Franklin, Texas 1864-1866

1st Regiment of Cavalry, Camp Merchant, Oakland, 1861-1866

1st Regiment of Infantry, Camp Downey, Oakland, 1861-1866

2nd Regiment of Cavalry (including the History of the Battle of Bear River, Idaho), Camp Alert, San Francisco, 1861-1866

2nd Regiment of Infantry, Camp Sumner, San Francisco, 1861-1866

3rd Regiment of Infantry, Stockton, 1861-1866

4th Regiment of Infantry, Camp Sigel, Auburn, 1861-1865

5th Regiment of Infantry, Camp Union, Sacramento, 1861-1864

6th Regiment of Infantry, Benicia Barracks, 1863-1864

7th Regiment of Infantry, Presidio of San Francisco, 1865-1866

8th Regiment of Infantry, Alcatraz Island, 1865

Massachusetts Volunteers

2nd Regiment of Cavalry

Pennsylvania Volunteers

The California Brigade

New York Volunteers
California National Guard and Naval Militia, 1881-1917
National Guard of California

State Staff (Office of the Adjutant General), Sacramento, 1850-1940

1st Artillery Regiment, Sacramento, 1880-1893

1st Battalion, Engineers, 1916-1917

1st Battalion, Field Artillery

1st Field Artillery Regiment

1st Infantry Regiment, San Francisco, 1861-1907

1st Squadron, Cavalry, Sacramento, 1905-1917

2nd Artillery Regiment, San Francisco, 1881-1895

2nd Field Artillery Regiment, San Jose, 1917

2nd Infantry Regiment, Sacramento, 1893-1895

2nd Infantry Regiment, Sacramento, (1895-1917)

2nd (Irish) Infantry Regiment, San Francisco, 1862-1881

3rd (Irish) Infantry Regiment, San Francisco, 1871-1895

5th Infantry Battalion, Oakland, 1881-1885

5th Infantry Regiment, San Francisco, 1885-1917

6th Infantry Battalion, Stockton, 1885-1888

6th Infantry Regiment, Stockton, 1888-1907

7th Infantry Battalion, Los Angeles, 1881-1888

7th Infantry Regment, Los Angeles, 1888-1917

8th Infantry Battalion, Chico, 1890-1891

8th Infantry Regiment, Chico, 1891-1895

9th Infantry Regiment, San Diego, 1890-1895

10th Infantry Battalion, Eureka, 1890-1895

Coast Artillery Corps

Separate Medical Corps Companies

Separate Signal Corps Companies

Separate Artillery Batteries:

Separate Cavalry Troops

Separate Infantry Companies:

The Naval Battalion and the Naval Militia

The Naval Battalion, National Guard of California (NGC), San Francisco, 1891-1895

The Naval Militia of California, San Francisco, 1895-1917

Additional Histories

1894 Railroad Strike
Crusade or Civil War: The Pullman Strike in California
History Includes individual histories on the following units:

1st Infantry Regiment

2nd Artillery Regiment

2nd Infantry Regiment

3rd (Irish) Infantry Regiment

5th Infantry Regiment

6th Infantry Regiment

8th Infantry Regiment

Separate Cavalry Troops

Separate Light Artillery Batteries

Separate Signal Corps Units

Naval Battalion

Spanish American War


1st Battalion, Heavy Artillery, California U.S. Volunteers

1st Infantry Regiment, California U.S. Volunteers

6th Infantry Regiment, California U.S. Volunteers

7th Infantry Regiment, California U.S. Volunteers

8th Infantry Regiment, California U.S. Volunteers

The California Naval Militia in the War with Spain

Additional Histories:

Phillippine Insurrection

San Francisco Earthquake, 1906
The California National Guard in the San Francisco Earthquake and Fire of 1906
Official History Introduction
Activities of the California National Guard and Naval Militia
1st Infantry Regiment, San Francisco

2nd Infantry Regiment, Sacramento

5th Infantry Regiment, Oakland

6th Infantry Regiment, Fresno

7th Infantry Regiment, Los Angeles


Coast Artillery

Signal Corps

Veteran Reserve, Oakland

California Naval Militia

McCloud River Lumber Company Strike, 1909

History of the California National Guard and the McCloud River Lumber Company Strike, 1909

2nd Infantry Regiment


Mexican Border Crisis, 1914

Mexican Border Crisis, 1914

Additional Histories

The Mexican Border Crisis and Punitive Expedition, 1916
Introduction and Activities of the California National Guard
Official History

1st California Brigade

Additional Histories

World War I

History of the California National Guard and California Naval Militia during the World War (1940). Includes individual histories on the following units:

Separate Infantry Companies formed during Word War I

Additional Histories:

40th Division

115th Field Signal Battalion

117th Engineer Regiment, 2nd Battalion (former 1st Separate Battalion, Engineers, CNG):

160th Infantry Regiment

California Naval Militia

California National Guard, 1919-1941

State Staff (Office of the Adjutant General), Sacramento, 1850-1940

Post World War I Deferred and Inactive Units of the California National Guard

Divisional Signal Company, 40th Division, San Francisco, 1921-1922

Separate Coast Artillery Companies

Separate Field Artillery Batteries

Separate Infantry Companies

1st Separate Battalion, Field Artillery

1st Separate Battalion, Infantry

1st Separate Machine Gun Company, San Jose, 1924

  • 2nd Separate Battalion, Infantry

    3rd Separate Battalion, Infantry

    4th Separate Battalion, Infantry

    40th Division, Berkeley, 1926-1939

    40th Division Aviation (40th Division Air Service), Los Angeles, 1926-1939

    40th Division Special Troops, Berkeley, 1936-1939

    40th Tank Company, Salinas, 1924-1939

    76th Field Artillery Brigade

    79th Infantry Brigade, San Francisco, 1922-1939

    80th Infantry Brigade, Los Angeles, 1929-1939

    115th Medical Regiment

    115th Quartermaster Regiment, Berkeley, 1937-1939 includes:

    143rd Ambulance Company, Long Beach, 1936-1937

    143rd Field Artillery Regiment, Oakland, 1924-1940 includes:

    144th Field Artillery Regiment

    196th Field Artillery Regiment

    250th Coast Artillery Regiment (1st California), San Francisco, 1923-1939, includes:

    251st Coast Artillery Regiment, San Diego, 1924-1939, includes:

    Folsom Prison Riot, 1927

    Long Beach Earthquake, 1933

    Activities of the California National Guard

    160th Infantry Regiment

    185th Infantry Regiment

    251st Coast Artillery Regiment

    San Francisco Dock Strike, 1934

    State Staff, Sacramento

    40th Division

    250th Coast Artillery Regiment (1st California), San Francisco, includes:

    World War II

    California National Guard 1946-Present
    Korean War
    Vietnam War
    Persian Gulf War

    After Action Report: California Army National Guard, Operations Desert Shield and Desert StormIncludes individual histories on the following units:

    • 126th Medical Company (Air Ambulance), Mather AFB
    • 185th Military Police Battalion, Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Pittsburg
    • 185th Transportation Battalion, Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment, Fresno
    • 224th Transportation Detachment (Movement Control), Roseville
    • 270th Military Police Company, Sacramento
    • 649th Military Police Company (-), Camp San Luis Obispo
      • Detachment 1, Alameda
    • 870th Military Police Company (-), Pittsburg
      • Detachment 1, Placerville
    • 970th Military Police Company, San Mateo
    • 980th Medical Unit (Supply, Optical and Maintenance), Sacramento
    • 1113th Transportation Company (Medium, Truck, Cargo), Sacramento
    • 2668th Transportation Company (Light-Medium, Truck, Cargo), Fresno
    Global War on Terrorism, Afganistan Campaign
    Global War on Terrorism, Iraq Campaign
    State Defense Forces


    California High School Cadets and California Cadet Corps


    Lineage and Honors
    Current Units
    Disbanded, Inactive or Superceded Units
    Units Mentioned in Lineages
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