Pre-Colonial California 

 Spanish & Mexican California

 Mexican War
Antebellum California

Civil War

California Indian Wars

Spanish American War

1916 Mexican Border Crisis

World War I

World War II

Cold War

Korean War

 Vietnam War

Persian Gulf War

The Balkan Wars

Global War on Terrorism

Riots, Protests and Civil Disturbances

 Military Response to Disasters


 California Militia and National Guard Units

Aviation History

 Naval History

 California's Ships

Posts, Camp, Stations and Airfields

Individual Californians

Heraldry and Insignia
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 Oral Histories
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Museum Leadership

MG David S. Baldwin
The Adjutant General of California
BG (CA) Jay Coggan
Commanding General
California State Military Reserve
COL (CA) Fred Rutledge
Commander, Military Heritage Command
SGM (CA) Dan Sebby
Military Department Historian and Curator


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